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Second Spring

Transition into empowerment.

Women’s hormones begin to shift around the age of 35, during the fifth cycle of their lives. Unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and genetics can cause these changes to occur even earlier.

Menopause, the end of the fertile period, typically occurs around age 50, but the shifting begins 15 years earlier. This is when women often notice changes in their periods, such as increased PMS, premenstrual headaches, or excessive bleeding. It might be more difficult to keep weight off. The skin will begin to change. These are signs of hormonal imbalance and the earlier you intervene the easier it will be to change things.

Keeping your hormones balanced are the key to staying vital and young. This is the time to begin actively rejuvenating so that you are truly stepping into your Second Spring; a time of increased empowerment, wisdom, and spiritual connection.

I developed my Second Spring Program as a combination of ancient and modern practices that have proven themselves in the clinical setting.

The Second Spring Program alleviates common symptoms such as:

  • premature aging
  • weight gain
  • anxiety and depression caused by hormonal imbalances
  • decrease in energy
  • low libido
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     Benefits of Second Spring Care

  • Balances hormones

  • Increases energy

  • Promotes healthy weight

  • Improves immunity

  • Enhances feelings of calm and empowerment

Getting Started

Rejuventation practices.

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The Second Spring Handbook.

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Get certified. On demand webinars on optimizing women’s health. Second Spring is 4 CEUs. Earn 22 CEUs total.

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