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Dr. Lia G. Andrews, DAOM, L.Ac. is an author and educator on Chinese Medicine.

Pacific Center of Lifelong Learning Certification Series 2016

Nurturing Yin: Classical Medicine in Practice for the Modern Woman

Presented by: Dr. Lia Andrews, DAOM, L.Ac.
Dr. Lia Andrews uses her knowledge of the classics, wisdom from her mentors, and clinical experience to present a practical system of healthy living for women. This series selects key practices to optimize women’s health and beauty through preserving jing at each stage of a woman’s life, Chinese cosmetology, and Daoist sexual cultivation. If you would like to offer the women you treat more than temporary relief from the symptoms of infertility, menstruation or menopause, or geriatrics, Dr. Andrews can help!
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Postpartum Recovery: the Secret to Women’s Jing Conservation

Presented by: Lia Andrews

Length: 50 minutes

Schedule:  Friday, 10/30/2015 09:00 AM

Postpartum women are a special class of patient that needs to be understood and treated uniquely, and as acupuncturists, we treat a population of increasingly overworked and older mothers, many of whom undergo fertility treatments. Acupuncturists learn that the single greatest depletion of a woman’s jing happens during pregnancy and childbirth, but we are not given the tools to address this. These factors makes postpartum care more critical than ever before. In this course we will outline the theory and practice of this ancient tradition and its modern practice.
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Presenter at the Pacific Symposium 2015

Postpartum Woman and Baby

Postpartum Recovery: Diet, Lifestyle, & Treatment

Presented by: Lia Andrews

Length: 3 hours, 0 minutes

Schedule:  Friday, 10/30/2015 02:00 PM

As acupuncturists, students have learned that the single greatest depletion of a woman’s jing happens during pregnancy and childbirth, but they are not given the tools to address this. Chinese medicine and culture has an extensive tradition of postpartum care called zuo yue zi that until now was inaccessible to westerners. After the depletion of jing and Kidney energy during gestation, the Qi, Blood, and fluid loss of childbirth, and the demands of breast feeding, women are left relatively Qi and Blood deficient with a propensity towards Blood stasis. This course will cover the theory behind postpartum care and how it affects diagnosis and treatment plans. Next, the course will review traditional diet and lifestyle guidelines and how to adapt them to Westerners, and finally, differential diagnosis and treatment of common postpartum symptoms.

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