Master marketer Cheryl Shuman does a beautiful job promoting product, and is currently spotlighting cannabis. For example, Shuman advocates a little marijuana for us working gals at the end of the day to help us unwind. Before you run out and get some, however, it is a good idea to learn how to balance cannabis use, as it can be a little harsh on women.

Properties of Marijuana

Hemp seeds (huo ma ren, 火麻仁), have a neutral, moistening effect and are used for constipation due to fluid deficiency. In contrast, the marijuana (huo ma, 火麻, literally “fire herb”) used for fun and medicine is heating in nature. This quality is exacerbated by its traditional method of administration; smoking. Marijuana use depletes yin; the grounding, purposeful, cooling, and moistening functioning in our bodies and psyches. Loss of yin hurts both genders but is harder on women. We already tend to get yin and fluid deficient as we age.


Regular marijuana use tends to cause menstrual imbalances. This is because it tends to cause pathogenic heat and deplete yin fluids. Periods may come too early or erratically. There may be excessive bleeding or spotting. Cervical mucous and vaginal fluids, necessary for fertility and healthy sex, may dry out. If you use cannabis on a regular basis it is a good idea to use cooling and moistening herbs to balance this. An example of a mild herb with these properties is go ji berries (gou qi zi, 枸杞子).

The Skin

Abundant yin is necessary for plump, smooth, glowing skin. The lung organ is also directly associated with skin health, meaning anything that injures the lungs, injures the skin. Besides burning off yin, regular cannabis use leaches Vitamin C from the skin. Skin can thin and wrinkle prematurely. Try to consume cannabis in a manner that bypasses the lungs and be sure to apply Vitamin C regularly to your skin.

With these tips you can balance your occasional dabble with marijuana and do it safely.