The chakra system is part of the Hindu/yogic/Tantric traditions of India, while acupuncture originated thousands of miles away in China as part of the traditional Chinese medicine system. Chinese medicine has its own distinct system of energetic pathways. It may seem sacrilege to mix the two, however, we as live in a society where we are exposed to multiple systems, it is only natural that we should incorporate pieces of other systems that serve our ultimate goal of increasing health. Many of our patients practice yoga and a focus on the chakras directly assists their progress in that system. One need only shift the intention to access other levels of energy.
Dr. Mikio Sankey, PhD pioneered a system of acupuncture that works on the chakras called Esoteric Acupuncture. Dr. Judith Andrews, DAOM and I studied this system and have adapted the methods to our practice. This month we offer at Cinnabar Acupuncture a focus on the Muladhara (root/base) chakra.
Physically, the base chakra governs the legs, hips, perineum, and coccyx (tailbone). Balancing this chakra helps alleviate low back pain and issues with the lower limbs. Emotionally and mentally, the base chakra relates to our ability to function in the material world; our ability to survive, to make money, provide for ourselves, and to feel grounded and safe. Spiritually, this chakra grounds the energies of the higher chakras allowing us to experience higher levels of consciousness safely. It is also the seat of the kundalini fire that ascends the spine.
The lunar new year is an excellent time to balance the root chakra to assist manifestation of our new year goals.
This begins our monthly chakra series. Every month we will focus on a new chakra.
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