A Chinese Medicine View on Vaccinations

//A Chinese Medicine View on Vaccinations

A Chinese Medicine View on Vaccinations

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I am in favor of the concept of immunizations (they were after all a Chinese medicine invention), and yet it is not crazy to question the safety of vaccinations on our children. In doing so we are not questioning science, we are questioning the FDA and AMA which have done things like endorse GMOs and ignore the importance of nutrition.The organizations charged with safeguarding public health have demonstrated repeatedly a greater concern with profit and political power than our collective health. This requires that we the general public begin to question. This freedom to question is the foundation of a free society.

As a practitioner I have observed children regress in development after receiving vaccinations and I had a case where a healthy teenager developed seizures after receiving the HPV vaccine. On a personal level, I lost my dog, Virginia, to injection site liposarcoma (cancer that develops at the site of vaccination) and have seen lesser complications in a number of my dogs.

I believe there is something going on and rather than brand skeptics as quacks, we would be better served understanding what exactly is causing side effects in some individuals. I think there are three apparent issues:

  1. Multiple immunizations at once. Administering multiple pathogens into young child will greatly increase the chances of his/her immune system being overwhelmed and of creating complications. When I have spoken to physicians socially, all have agreed that shots should be spaced out, however, most pediatricians appear to advocate the opposite. Is there any motivation other than convenience and increased profit to immunize for as many as 6 pathogens in 1 sitting?
  2. Excessive immunizations. We immunize our children far more than any other developed country. Why?
  3. Immunizing while the immune system is compromised. This is a clear contraindication, yet I have heard from many parents who were told by their pediatrician there was no problem bringing in a child with a cough or fever for vaccinations.

Additionally, there are likely other factors, such as the safety of the medium used to deliver the immunization, environmental toxicity, and pre-existing weakened immunity.

A Chinese Medicine Perspective & Potential Solution

In the traditional Chinese practice of zuo yue zi, newborns and postpartum women remain protected at home for the first 40 days after birth to allow themselves to become strong before entering the world. After this time children are still protected. Children’s Spleens do not develop fully until the age of 6. This means their immune and digestive systems are delicate during these years. Precautions are taken: eating healthy food, treating even minor colds before they have a chance to progress, and taking immune enhancing foods and herbs during cold season.

If a child (or adult or pet) is immunized, there are two things you can do to help minimize side effects:

  1. Take an immune-boosting tonic for 2-3 weeks prior. I like formulas with a good dose of huáng qí (Radix Astragali Membranacei, 黄芪) such Yù Píng Fēng Săn (Jade Windscreen Powder, 玉屏風散). Huáng qí strengthens the Spleen in general, boosting immunity, strengthening digestion, and increasing energy. Different types of ginseng are other examples.
  2. Take a formula for Heat-Toxin after immunization for a few days. Ideally, you would use a formula specific for the pathogen in the immunization, but this is often difficult, especially when there are multiple pathogens. In these cases a broad-spectrum anti-Heat-Toxin formula can be used such as Huang Lian Jie Du Tang (Coptis Decoction to Relieve Toxicity, 黃連解毒湯).

If a child (or adult or pet) is not immunized: We have the choice whether to rely on alternative medicine or Western medicine, or a combination of the two. Using natural medicine requires that we be more proactive; that we do things like eat nutritious foods, get a good night’s rest, and listen to our bodies when they become imbalanced. I would recommend taking an immune-boosting tonic off and on consistently, particularly during cold season and while traveling (though children are always exposed). Pathogens in children can move quickly, so take every cold seriously (I would say this about immunized children as well). You should have them under the care of an appropriate health professional.

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