Intention as the First Step

//Intention as the First Step

Intention as the First Step

Intention is everything.

If you ever study Chinese medicine, qigong, or tai chi teacher you will hear this many times. The directive is to learn to harness your attention and to place it on your goal, as this mental focus is what will create changes in your life. Standing in a particular pose can be a deeply transformational event, or it can be just standing in a particular pose. What gives the action power are the thoughts you attach to them.

This concept applies to far more than qigong, tai chi, or acupuncture practice. It applies to every action in your life. The intention you place behind your action will determine the energy you receive back from the universe. For example, you can touch someone in love or anger or in a state of disconnection with markedly different effects. People can use metaphysical principles and healing modalities to heal or manipulate.

The most important practice is to hone our intention, to align it with our heart, and with a higher purpose. When we do this we may still stumble on our path, but we will make sure progress, both for us and those we touch. This is why clarifying intention is the first and the final step.

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