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Sexual Cultivation & Relationships

The secret to optimal health, spiritual advancement, and connection.

Sexual energy has been demonized throughout our Judeo-Christian tradition, and not without reason. Unrefined and unconscious sexual energy is highly destructive. Meditation and cultivation practices allow us to bring the unconscious conscious. We direct our energy rather than being a slave to it.

Spiritual adepts throughout ancient China, India, and Tibet learned how to harness their sexual energy to fuel spiritual advancement. Chinese medicine practitioners saw sexual cultivation as a means to directly access sex hormone levels, and thus balance them. Sexual cultivation also expands our sensual experience in and out of the bedroom and deepens our ability to love and be loved.

My sexual cultivation program evolved out of my own experiences and studies of ancient Daoist texts, learning from Tantric teachers such as Charles Muir, and Daoist teachers such as Mantak Chia. I also emphasize 5 Element compatibility in relationship and sexuality; a traditional Daoist approach which I learned through my mentor Patrician McCarthy.

The Sexual Cultivation Program alleviates:

  • confusion over feminine empowerment
  • disconnection
  • sexual trauma
  • decrease in energy
  • low libido
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     Benefits of Sexual Cultivation

  • Balances hormones

  • Instills sense of empowerment

  • Expands perception and connection

  • Heightens sexual experience

Getting Started

Sexual cultivation and relationships.

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