Sensitive Cleanser Rx

302 Sensitive Cleanser Rx is a non-sudsing gel cleanser formulated for the most sensitive of skin types. Fragrance-free, oil-free, and with soothing, antibacterial zinc oxide, it is excellent for acne prone skin and rosacea.


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Choose the Right Cleanser for Your Skin

Listed from most hydrating to most drying:

Dry Skin – Normal/Dry Cleanser – highest concentration of lipids to soften and hydrate. Good to remove makeup.

Dry Skin – 302 Cleanser – contains avocado lipids to soften and hydrate. Good to remove makeup.

Neutral – Sensitive Cleanser – zinc oxide to soothe sensitivity, lipids to soften and hydrate. Good to remove makeup.

Normal/Oily Skin – Sensitive Cleanser Rx – zinc oxide to soothe and heal. No oils or fragrances.

Normal/Oily – Face & Body Bar – antibacterial bar soap for acne-prone skin, body soap, and those who prefer a lather.

Oily Skin – Oily/Combination Cleanser – high concentration of zinc oxide to absorb oils.

Oily Skin – Acne Cleanser Rx – zinc oxide and 3% sulfur to kill bacteria.

How to Use

  1. Apply to dry skin. Massage in.
  2. Wet hands and apply more.
  3. Rinse until there is no more slick.

Oil Wash – To Remove Waterproof Makeup or Deep Clean

  1. Apply 1-2 pumps of Moisturizing Drops or fragrance-free Moisturizing Drops Rx to face. Massage in to bond to dirt and makeup.
  2. Apply cleanser and massage in.
  3. Rinse until there is no more slick.


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Organic green tea, alkylated extract from sugar beets, polyglucose derived surfactant, kosher glycerine, urea, zinc oxide, cellulose polymer.