Postpartum Girdle

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The postpartum girdle is a modern version of traditional binding methods that women can put on and remove by themselves. This is a 3 piece postpartum girdle that is adjustable and covers the entire abdomen (from pubic bone to under the breasts). Includes written instructions. Postpartum girdles are enjoying renewed popularity thanks to celebrities like Jessica Alba.



Postpartum Girdle Benefits:*

  1. Recovers the waist.
  2. Prevents organ prolapse (a top cause of urinary and fecal incontinence).
  3. Supports the back during breastfeeding.
  4. Protects and speeds healing of diastasis recti (tearing of the abdomen)

Sizing (Chinese sizing):

The girdle includes 3 pieces: a Pelvis Supporting Belt, a Belly Shaping Belt, and a Stomach Shaping Belt, To find your size you will need to measure the circumference of your abdomen at 3 points:
1. just above your pubic bone
2. the narrowest part of your waist
3. your ribcage below your breasts

The measurements below give the length of each girdle. You want your measurement to be under the these lengths.

Pubic Bone – 39.37″ (100cm). Waist – 36.25″ (92cm). Ribcage – 33.46″ (85cm).

Pubic Bone – 41.33″ (105cm). Waist – 39.37″ (100cm). Ribcage – 35.43″ (90cm).

Pubic Bone – 43.3″ (110cm). Waist – 41.33″ (105cm). Ribcage – 37.4″ (95cm).


*The FDA has not approved these claims.

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