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Did you know most Leaky Bladder cases are due to Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles and are Completely Avoidable?

We have the right tools for every woman to get you informed and get you fit. It is time to take back your power.

Get Informed

Before you start your workouts you need to learn how your body works. We provide a series of books and ebooks to suit your needs.

  • Understand the anatomy of your pelvic floor.
  • Learn the most effective ways to strengthen your muscles.
  • Discover the added benefits of hormonal and sexual health and rejuvenation.

7 Times a Woman

7 Times a Woman

For Women of All Ages

The Postpartum Recovery Programâ„¢

For Pregnant and Postpartum Women

I Love My Sexualilty

Jade Egg Instruction

We Offer the Right Tool for Every Woman

From Ancient Traditions…

Dark Jade EggsLight Jade EggsRose Quartz Eggs

…To Modern Innovations

Kegel SmartLaselle Kegel RoutineLuna Beads Mini

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