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“To Love Yourself as a Woman You Must Embrace Your Menstruation”

The Menstrual Renewal Handbook

It is unusual that you hear women looking forward to their period and embracing it as a gift. More often we hear women cursing it. Do you dread your time of the month? Does it bring an onslaught of mood swings, digestive problems, weight gain, bloating, exhaustion, or cramps? Is your period unreliable? Or excessively heavy, leaving you chronically anemic? All these are actually indicators that your body is out of balance. What you may have been taught to see as a curse on womankind is in fact a perfect barometer for the state of your health.

Stress, overwork, inadequate nutrition, and other factors common to our modern lifestyle can destabilize your hormones and cause you to suffer unnecessarily. As a culture we have lost the wisdom for how women can care for ourselves and our cycles. The purpose of this book is to give you the tools to understand and balance your cycles. You no longer have to fear or be annoyed by your menstruation. It can be the source of your power and rejuvenation.

  • Understand and prepare for the 4 stages of your monthly cycle
  • Decipher what your menstrual symptoms reflect about your health
  • Rejuvenate and stay young by following special practices
  • Use nutrition and lifestyle to balance your body
  • And much more!

Reclaim Your Womanhood

Kindle Ebook

  • A quick read to get you started.
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  • The complete reference guide including what your symptoms mean, practices, diet plans, and recipes.
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Coming Winter 2014! The complete reference guide in paperback.

Paperbook for TCM Practitioners

  • Includes theory, practices, recipes, formulas, and protocols.
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Coming Winter 2014! The resource on postpartum care for acupuncturists and TCM practitioners.