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“In Every Women Lives a Goddess”

Alchemical Transformation

A woman centered in her own feminine power is a healing and transformational force in her environment, at any age. Why is it so seldom that we see such women? So often we see women lost; overwhelmed with too many responsibilities, or drunk in the pursuit of external power.

Do you feel confused about your role as a woman? Do you feel spent or overwhelmed? Do you fear the loss of your sex appeal that often comes with aging? Do you crave companionship and worry that time is running out?

  • Heal and integrate your sexuality
  • Rejuvenate and stay young by following special practices
  • Increase your natural magnetic feminine power
  • And much more!

Rediscover Yourself

Kindle Ebook

  • A quick read to get you started.
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Short Kindle ebook.


  • The complete reference guide including what your symptoms mean, practices, diet plans, and recipes.
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Coming Winter 2014! The complete reference guide in paperback.

Paperbook for TCM Practitioners

  • Includes theory, practices, recipes, formulas, and protocols.
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Coming Winter 2014! The resource on postpartum care for acupuncturists and TCM practitioners.